Find the Best Yoga Classes for Hatha Yoga in India


While the concept of yoga has become quite popular these days it is important to understand the roots and philosophy of the yoga if you want to learn more about it. Yoga was developed in India and therefore it makes sense to study yoga in India where you can get more in-depth knowledge about how it can be integrated into our daily routine and how yoga can be utilised to boost our mind, body and soul. Understanding the basics of yoga is important if you want to become a professional yoga teacher or trainer, or if you want to start your own yoga school in your area.

Learn Hatha Yoga in India

Hatha yoga is among the oldest and simplest forms of yoga. It is widely popular because the postures are ideal for beginners and intermediate yoga enthusiasts. Hence, if you want to step into the world of yoga teaching you can learn hatha yoga in India where you can learn the basics of hatha yoga from some of the best teachers and professional trainers. This would be an ideal step to ensure that you are able to make the best use of your learning skills and transform yourself into a certified yoga teacher in the near future.

Save Money & Study Yoga in India

One of the main benefits of yoga teacher training in India is that you actually save more money. Initially, it might seem that you are spending more on your trip to India to get your yoga certification, but that is not the case. Yoga teaching in India will cost you less than learning it in your own city or anywhere else across the globe. Yoga training in India will cost you somewhere around $ 1000 to $ 2000 which includes tuition, accommodation, food and travel expenses. Plus you will also get to interact with the local people in India, witness how yoga is deeply embedded in the life of the locals and understand the philosophy of yoga and Hindu culture.

Get Your Yoga Teacher Training in India

Finding the right teachers is also critical when you are choosing yoga classes and schools. India offers you some of the best yoga schools in the world which also offer globally recognised yoga teacher training certification. These yoga schools are registered with Yoga Alliance International and provide a syllabus which is approved and recognised globally. This allows you to become a professional yoga teacher anywhere in the world and start your own yoga school or get a job as a certified yoga teacher.

The author is a professional yoga teacher and provides yoga classes for hatha yoga in India to beginners and intermediate yoga enthusiasts.

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