Hurricane Forecast 2008 – Hurricane Preparedness And What We Can Do To Avoid A Disaster Like Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane forecast 2008 – Hurricane Preparedness and What We Can Do to Avoid a Disaster Like Hurricane Katrina.

What is in our hurricane forecast for 2008?

The following hurricane preparedness article is very forward thinking and an open mind just may play a critical role in saving us all someday.

Glen B. Stewart has a far reaching yet proven perspective on preparing for deadly hurricanes. This evolutionary approach will rewrite history. In fact his global team will peacefully interact with as many turbulent and destructive forces of nature as possible. From now on.

This is where he needs your help ñ Read on

A typical hurricane is a force of nature equal to the energy of thousands of nuclear explosions. Mankind has finally experienced a breakthrough in peacefully dissipating deadly hurricanes throughout the planet.

For today again the Stewart principle will be a peaceful guardian angel in reducing another hurricane. This remarkable process has saved as many as tens of millions of lives in the past three years alone.

Shockingly enough – Mankind now has the capability to peacefully turn the deadliest category five hurricane into a windy storm. Amen to that!

What can a general public to prepare themselves to fend off a deadly hurricane in 2008?

Remain calm and have total confidence that you now can be part of hurricane reduction meditations. Picture this – using law of attraction principle to attract calming peaceful hurricane dissipation throughout the storm.

Do What?

Hurricanes are massive bundles of spinning turbulent energy. Knowing that our goal is to attract peaceful stillness over the hurricane. Picture your intentions being a serene blanket of peace for example. This type of approach is far more effective when you’re meditating.

A positive focused intention throughout the day will fortify your focused meditations. The best approach is to meditate for 45 minutes or so the positive healing intention directed towards the oncoming hurricane. The management team and so limited though perhaps take a walk to something that clears the mind.

Glen personally contributes at least three or four of these concentrated meditation sessions for each day of a known hurricane crisis. He meditates with healing energy intentions at random times along with his students globally.

This will act as like a healing energy blanket harmonics by overlapping positive intentions globally ñ This is the Stewart principle of synergistic energy healing.

Imagine that you’re sending focused peaceful intentions to the divine. The divine in return magnifies your intentions. These positive energies are part of a life-saving spiritual contribution extending deep from within your soul. Imagine that these positive healing energies are combining globally to manifest a healing difference.

The best way to develop these abilities is to meditate for 20 to 45 minutes daily. A new daily meditations that focus with a single intention that is strictly actionable. This focused healing intention can be applied with a fair amount of training.

Energy healing additionally has been used for healing a person or even positively changing weather patterns. Both the practice in a healer have roots in all ancient cultures have been called many things. Names like shamans, medicine men and seers described these sacred, finally enabled healers.

Fast-forward back to today ñ Energy healing is very much alive in a totally unanticipated yet urgently needed way. Besides the quest to share with the Western world values of holistic health and energy healing. Energy healing is about to receive the award of uncommon valor ñ for saving lives globally with hurricane reduction abilities.

This evolutionary approach will free mankind once and for all from deadly forces of nature. Local national and global disasters such as hurricanes tornadoes tsunamis and violent storms will now be within our grasp. As more One With The Winds students become trained our abilities to protect ourselves at the local level will now enhance the preparation against our toughest challenges.

The hurricane forecast for 2008? The first time in modern history we have control over the deadly Hurricane disasters. For the person is capable of believing in his abilities of connecting to the Spiritual Divine ñ this is precisely what God had in mind…

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