Judaism, we Hardly Knew Yah’

Living with the Judaism is a lofty and important concept. Devout Jews are expected to incorporate Judaic thinking and action into everything they do. To truly live with the Judaism Jews must learn at a young age to understand and revere the sacred document. Although this love of Judaism was usually instilled by traditional Hebrew schools, it is becoming more commonplace for parents to send their children to Jewish day school online to gather this knowledge.

Jewish learning online is such a great idea because it takes the ubiquity of technology and uses it to spread Judaic learning. Anywhere there is an internet connection a child can catch up with their Judaic study in a fun, one-on one Bar Mitvah lesson.. This brings Judaic study outside of the classroom and makes it a more natural part of life.

Kids may not be familiar with the history and platitudes of the Judaism, but they certainly know their way around a computer. Online Hebrew school takes this familiarity with technological platforms and uses it as the starting point for exploring the Judaism. The goal is to make the Judaism as important in the lives of children as computers and cell phones.

Although traditional Hebrew school serves an important function in the Jewish community, the benefits of Jewish school online are incomparable. Parents do not need to worry about bringing their kids to and from class. Kids get to learn in an environment they are familiar with and can access their lessons from anywhere they can access the web. For years Jews have been adopting, to strengthen and survive their internal connection, and this should be no different. If we want to teach a younger generation of Jews about living with the Judaism, we must be willing to change the way we teach.

A basis in Jewish learning is important for a future of Judaic studies. The same could be said about online learning. Electronic learning has become commonplace in the context of Judaic studies and education at large. Giving your child familiarity with the academic world online could give them an important boost in our increasingly computerized education system.

If you do decide to send your child to Jewish Day school online, make sure you choose the appropriate school. Take a look at the curriculum and the methods they use. Does it seem like something that would be affective for your child? If so, enroll your child and watch them blossom into a strong Jewish adult.

Jewish Online School is your online Hebrew School! Perfect for Jewish homeschoolers, our online school offers bar mitzvah lessons, online Judaic studies and everything you’re looking for in a Jewish School.

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