Sea Veg: Being Healthy is in Your Hands!


It is true that nature provides us with all the necessary minerals and vitamins that we require to live a healthy live. And it all depends on man’s ability to look for and utilize these resources to the best of their capacity. So for years man has harvested plants and vegetables on earth and received the nutrition required but it has neglected the abundance found in sea vegetation. While sea has always held a mystery for man, it has only been a source to get fishes so far. But now scientists have now found out that there are various sea vegetations that hold the key to a younger and healthier life.

What makes sea veg unique?

There are about 12 edible sea vegetables as well as organic species that are found to be rich with essential vitamins. These vegetations are then processed and purified to reach a consumable stage. Also scientists have added other similar minerals rich sea vegetations that were included in sea veg for added benefits. Though sea veg is not a medicine or drugs, it can be taken as a supplementary addition to regular diet. It is 100% healthy and one can find visible results in a few weeks.

Where Sea Veg is cultivated?

Sea veg is cultivated on the coast of Ireland. It is supported by the Irish government and scientists world around have been involved in the process to make it edible for human beings while keeping the nutrition intact. Also there are resources taken from other pristine oceans from around the world. The sea vegetation holds the essence of sun rays that reach beyond the water level. This way they hold more nutrients than the earth plants. These vitamins are still missing from the fresh vegetables are salads that we are asked by doctors to add to our diet.

What does Sea Veg Consists of?

Sea Veg is a dietary supplement. It consists of vital minerals and vitamins that our body requires. A classic airtight pack of sea veg contains 90 edible capsules that carry 500 mg of the nutritious sea vegetation. One can easily consume about 3 capsules everyday for good health and vigor.

What is the medicinal value of Sea Veg?

Sea veg contains more than hundred organic compounds that help the body remain healthy. It works on the body cells and provides support inwardly keep them younger for a longer time. It has plant sterols, omega 3’s and 6’s, lipids and growth hormones with flavenoids, polyphenols as well as anti oxidants. It is free from amino acids. It doesn’t have any side effects and only those with an allergy towards sea food can find some issues. In such cases, physicians can be consulted and consumption can be stopped for a few days.

It has been noted in many cultures that sea has been a constant source of precious medicines. In China, the use of sea vegetation is done since 2700 BC. It has been found in manuscripts that emperors used to consume sea salts and other vegetations to retain their youth and beauty. The power of the sun and the sea water combine to offer one of the most powerful medicines that man can consume.

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