Write conference reviews on the ones you have attended

If you want to connect with people from your profession or interest, a good way to do it is by attending conferences. Some of these seminars can extend over 2-3 days depending on the topics and speakers. The speakers are usually eminent industry personnel who share their ideas and experiences. These seminars are usually interactive sessions where you can converse with the speakers and ask them any questions that you may have. You can learn a lot of new things about the market and your industry in general, that will help you to grow as a professional.

Seminars have become very popular in the last few years and the number was grown considerably. There are thousands of seminars being held every day in India alone. It is obviously is not feasible to be attend every one of them. They might all be promising in their respective ways, but you must decide which one suits you the best. But, this is not easy as it sounds. Marketing and public relation campaigns create a very impressive picture of the seminars and conventions create a positive publicity.

The only reliable source of information here is the personal experience of the people who have attended the particular seminar. Their reviews and feedback can give the aspiring attendees an insight to the actual event behind the publicity hoopla.

ConfIQ was formed with this very idea in mind. A fairly new start up formed by experienced speakers, organizers of seminars, it provides a platform for sharing and discussing experiences of different seminars. They provide start up conference review which helps the individuals decide whether they want to attend the particular seminar or not. The members can write conference reviews on what they liked about it and what they did not. These assessments are public and open to all readers. Those who had planned to attend the seminar they can find out what to expect through these assessments.

These candid evaluations are also a useful tool for the organizers who can know where they stand. If they receive some criticism in the evaluations, they can work on it and make the next event perfect.

At ConfIQ you will find reviews and information in different industries like start ups, IT, social media, design and so on. You will find the listing of all the upcoming seminars in their web site. You can be their follower in LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media.

The author says that at ConfIQ, you will find various start up conference review and on other topics like social media, Ux, etc.

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